Rotary Bathroom Phone Holder

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  • ADJUSTABLE: It can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and vertically. The upper and lower adjusting angles have universal axis, rotate about 360 degrees, and can also move back and forth.
  • STRONG BEARING: With its own hook, it has a strong bearing capacity. Not easy to fall, all-inclusive design, can place bath towel, bath ball, headscarf, etc., easy to store and save space!
  • SCREEN DESIGN: The screen design is sensitive to touch, has high-definition picture, does not block subtitles and does not affect viewing. You can open the gusset plate at the aromatherapy position and put the self-contained aromatherapy strip in, which can dispel the peculiar smell and stay for a long time!

Customer Reviews

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Jamie Knight

Thank you for making my phone water proof and easy to use in the shower. Love the product.

Tyler Cardenas

Get it get it!!! Life changer while I take showers 🤣🤣

Gabby Mendoza

Great little holder for my phone in the shower, so I can listen to my podcasts and books!

Eli Carlson

I love to relax in the bath and this case has been perfect to allow for that without steam penetration or water. I absolutely love it!

Reed Jacobson

My kids really enjoy this while in the shower. The sound is muffled a little so I wouldn't try to have a conversation on the phone, but watching a show would be perfect.