Smart Fingerbot Switch Pusher

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  • SUITABILITY: Except for touch screen buttons, the Smart Fingerbot Switch Pusher is compatible with a variety of buttons and switches. It may easily stick to any surface and refit your old appliance with the provided Add-on sticker.
  • TOUCH BUTTONS: This item is equipped with touch buttons that can be used to turn the robot arm on and off simply by touching the gadget with your finger. The robot button pusher can also convert conventional switches and buttons into smart buttons.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: In about five seconds, attach a 3M sticker immediately next to a rocker switch or button. There is no swapping and no need for tools.

Customer Reviews

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Amelia Mitchell

This device has made my life so much easier by allowing me to control my lights and other appliances from my phone or voice assistant.

Ruby Fletcher

I appreciate how this device is compatible with a wide range of switches and buttons, making it a versatile solution for any home.

Elsie Thomson

The Smart Fingerbot Switch Pusher is a great gadget that makes it easy to control your lights and appliances remotely.

Emory Alford

I appreciate how this device can be used with a variety of smart home platforms, including Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ellie Smith

I appreciate how this device can be used with a range of different smart home devices, including smart locks, thermostats, and security cameras.