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Boasting an easy carry compact design this LED Mirror Digital Clock is perfectly suited for any table or desk. With the 5" mirror display and large LED numbers, it can be read from a great distance. No matter where you are in your room, the clock could easily tell you the time.


  • WIRELESS & PLUG-IN MODES: Don’t let your alarm keep you up at night by being too bright. The LED display has two modes: "Always On" and " Waking from Noise". When the USB cable is plugged in and charging, the LED display will remain on. When the clock is not plugged in, you can temporarily wake the LED display with a clap or a knock on the desktop. The display will remain on for 6 seconds. Also, this alarm has 4 levels of brightness so you’re not disturbed at night.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Make life more convenient with a USB rechargeable alarm clock. No more need for disposable batteries this alarm charges via USB. With a 1200mAh lithium battery, this makes it the perfect alarm to take on the go. Use a USB cable (included) to charge the battery, either through an ordinary DC5V adapter (not included) or by connecting it to a computer.
  • EASY TO USE: This portable clock brings you simplicity at it's height. Take away all unnecessary functions to give you a straightforward alarm clock that doesn’t get confusing when trying to set different functions. Whether you need it for yourself or for your kids or seniors, this alarm clock is perfect for giving an uncluttered simple experience that barely requires any instructions at all.
  • TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS: A sleek LED mirror display allows you to get all your info in one place. Customize your time whether you want it in a 24-hour clock or 12-hour clock display. It also has an indoor thermometer built in to show you the temperature. It has over 13 different options to choose from to pick your favorite sounds to wake up to. 2 separate alarms can be set independently for your needs.

Customer Reviews

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Silver Davidson

The LED Mirror Digital Clock is a stylish and functional addition to any room.

Casey York

I love how this clock automatically adjusts for daylight saving time.

Quinn Marshall

The clock has multiple alarm settings, which makes it easy to customize to individual needs.

Danny Gallagher

The LED display is bright and easy to read, which ensures accurate timekeeping.

Fran George

I appreciate how easy it is to set and adjust the time and alarm settings.