Electric Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

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The Electric Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser has a built-in 2000mAh battery, the battery does not need to be disassembled, the sealing is better, the battery compartment does not rust, the C-type fast charging cable is faster and safer to charge.


  • INFRARED INDUCTION SOAP DISPENSER: The automatic soap dispenser with sensor has a bubble of 0.25S, high infrared induction sensitivity, and can be used without touching, avoiding cross-contamination and stain residues.
  • MULTI-LIQUID AND IPX5 WATERPROOF: The automatic soap dispenser supports concentrated liquid, such as dilution, add 1-10 times, shake well and pour it into the soap dispenser for normal use. The soap dispenser is IPX5 waterproof, not afraid of splashing water.
  • EASY INSTALLATION WITHOUT DRILLING: The automatic wall-mounted soap dispenser is equipped with nail-free glue, which is firmly installed without holes and does not damage the wall.

Customer Reviews

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Angel Thompson

I appreciate how easy it is to use - just place your hand under the dispenser and soap is automatically dispensed.

Aiden Hamilton

The Electric Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser is a convenient and hygienic way to keep hands clean.

Brett Williams

The dispenser is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware and instructions.

Skylar Lawson

I love how this dispenser eliminates the need for messy and unsanitary bar soap or pump bottles.

Aaren Wynn

I appreciate how this dispenser saves space on my sink or countertop - it's mounted on the wall and out of the way.